Our doors are always open to those who wish to join our church. You may join our church through one of three different methods; either by a public profession of faith, which would also include Christian baptism if one is not previously baptized; by transferring a current membership from another congregation; or by renewal of membership vows if one’s membership either at this church or another church is not current, or if the church is no longer in existence. 


As a part of the United Methodist Church, we honor the baptisms and membership vows performed by other Christian congregations, and will be happy to administer the sacrament of Christian baptism to those not previously baptized. When one joins our church, one vows to support our church by one’s prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness. The act of joining in membership should be prayerfully considered. Those who are not ready to commit to membership are still welcome to continue attending all events of our church family. 

If you wish to join our congregation, please click here to communicate via email and a pastor will help plan your baptism and/or present you to the congregation.