A church is never a single person. Everything that is done at our church is done by a team of servants who desire to see our church serve others in the name of Jesus Christ. Some teams are formal; most are informal, developed by the church leadership for a particular task for a certian period of time. 

Administrative Ministry Teams

These teams form the leadership of our church. They include the Church Council, Finance Committee, Trustees, Staff-Parish Relations Committee, and Lay Leadership Committee. People are chosen each year to serve by the Lay Leadership Committee and have to meet certian criteria, including faithful attendance to worship and bible study, as well as having a record of giving and serving the local church. 

Other Ministry Teams

These teams are informal, serving many various areas of the church, including welcoming ministries (ushers, greeters), worship ministries (acolytes, liturgists, media), growing ministries (Sunday School teachers, youth group leaders, nursery volunteers) and care ministries (visitation and recovery facilitators). These teams are developed by the leadership of various areas of ministry. People who work with children and youth must pass a background check and adhere to our Safe Sanctuary policy. 

For more information about how you can serve, contact Rev. Brian Brooks, Lead Pastor.